Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playing Favourites

Dress: Gap / Cardigan: Zara / Scarf: H&M / Shoes: Feet First

Happy Spring? These flowers have blossomed like it's the beginning of the season, which is more than I can say for the rest of the plants on our patio (including my beloved tomatoes).

Another scarf to add to the collection and I like this one alot because it's light enough to wear during the warm days we've been having lately. I have to say, scarves are my favourite accessory. What's yours?


  1. Is this GAP dress a recent purchase?? I love it, but haven't seen it, or missed it. I'm in need of a navy dress for fall.

  2. Your mums are doing far better than ours are. Did you get that scarf on the same trip to H & M as the one you bought the mustard and lilac dress at? Any luck on the horse shirtdress?

  3. You look amazing- I love that scarf!!!

  4. Jenny - No, this dress is not recent. I bought it before the summer. You should check Zara though, because I was on the website yesterday and saw lots of navy dresses.

    Kate - No luck with the horse dress :( It didn't fit me right. I think I might need to go one size up but the store didn't have very many sizes available. And then I found the scarf and the other dress so had some luck there.

    Angie - Thanks!

  5. Pretty, pretty! I love the colours in that scarf!

    I will have to say that currently my fav accessory is my mark by avon necklace - you know, the one you ALWAYS see in my posts :P

  6. The colors in this outfit are so nice together. Your scarf is gorgeous!